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Well timed rest day, hopefully just one

Well as Sandy works her mischief over the DC region, I am fortunate as of now to still have electrical power and to make Monday my typical rest day. Tomorrow – hopefully – I will pick it back up as usual. That is, if the power is still on and I can use the treadmill in my basement.

I hit a bit of a speed bump about 10 days ago, just as I was starting to ramp back up after Chicago. I came down with a nasty cold despite taking every precaution knowing post-marathon immunity is compromised. Most of last weekend was spent in bed but I finally was able to hit the roads again this past Wednesday. Given that late start I had a pretty good week, finishing up with 28 miles along with one cross training day on the bike. The good news is I haven’t lost any fitness. The legs are rarin’ to go once again.

So I should be ready to log about 10 days of intense training – hopefully – before dialing it back to taper for the half marathon at Philly. Now I just need Sandy to get on her way.