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Because a life well lived always finds the right pace

While I work on my race report from Chicago 2012, I am reblogging this from a race volunteer…just my little way of thanking the volunteers at Chicago, who like their city, were awesome.

The Goode Life

This past Sunday, I volunteered at Aid Station 8 of the Chicago Marathon. I’ve volunteered for races before, but never one as big and exciting as the Chicago Marathon, and never at an aid station.

The experience was awesome, and I definitely learned a few things.

I thought I would share my lessons with you all.

1. Passing out water is exhausting!
I know I shouldn’t complain. All I did was stand there with my arm out, while everyone out on the course was actually running 26 miles. I know what running 26 miles feels like, and it’s not exactly easy. But I was surprised at just how exhausted I was at the end of the day. My arm was tired, my lower back ached. I needed to do some leg stretches from being on my feet for 7 hours. And I was frozen to the bone.

I’m not by…

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  1. carybear21 October 10, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    Thanks for the reblog. It was such a great experience volunteering and supporting all the fabulous runners. You guys are amazing!

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