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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Road to NYC, Week 12, taper time!

Life has kept me too busy to blog; the corollary of that is yes, I’ve been quite busy – in my job, following the Phillies in the postseason, celebrating a wedding anniversary, and last but not least, my training.

In fact, since my last appearance here I’ve not only recovered from a grueling half marathon race, but have put down some big peak weeks. I haven’t raced, just focused hard on training, and I think the results of those efforts are finally starting to show. Whereas back on Labor Day, I (no pun intended) labored through a 21-miler, this past Saturday I went 22 miles from my home all the way into Northwest DC, climbing a massive hill off of Rock Creek Parkway in the process. At the end I felt great, barely even winded, a far cry from that early September debacle.

The bottom line is after struggling through most of the fall training cycle, I finally seem to be hitting my stride. For example, a couple of weeks ago I did a Yasso 800s workout and only managed a 3:18 average. Yesterday I revisited the workout and hit about a 3:12 average, a lot closer to the 3:10 standard I would like to be hitting. I think I’m still making up some ground to get to where I’d like to be, and now that I’m in taper time, I have to recognize I might not get all the way there. Nevertheless I am enjoying the late rally in my fitness, and feeling much better about my prospects for the big day on November 7.

So how will I do in New York? I am not sure yet. I have not even set a hard goal yet. I may know a little more of what I can do after next Sunday, when I do the Marine Corps Marathon’s 10k race as a final tuneup.

Here’s this week, so far. Keep in mind this is Week 1 of the taper.

  • Monday 10/18 – planned rest day
  • Tuesday 10/19 – 7 mile progression run, finishing at 6:44/mile pace
  • Wednesday 10/20 – cross training, 53 minutes on the elliptical
  • Thursday 10/21 – Yasso 800s
  • Friday 10/22 – 6 easy recovery miles
  • Planned for the weekend – final long-ish run, 15 miles, probably some cycling on the other day.