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Doom and Gloom United?

Did anyone see that game on Saturday night? I hesitate to use the proper soccer term of “match” because clearly DC United was no match for its opposition, the Kansas City Wizards.  Simply put it was butt-ugly.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch here.

Many of my fellow United fans will say, “it’s early, relax.” And they may be right. But that was such a comprehensively bad performance it’s hard to feel much hope at all for the coming season, not after two bad seasons already in a row. Add to that the loss of Clyde Simms to a hamstring injury during the game, and there’s no doubt, this team is in a giant hole after just one game.

Maybe this was just one howler. Or, maybe we’ve got a long season ahead. I’ll be there next week, hoping for something better vs. New England at RFK.  If nothing else, the Black and Red have much to prove.


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