Striding Through

Because a life well lived always finds the right pace

Busy preseason underway

Well after two months of training through all the challenges that a winter can throw at me, some tentative signs of spring are emerging as the snow melts away. Not the least of these is that I suddenly find myself lined up to run some races again.

This actually started last week, when I ran in the RRCA Club Challenge 10 Miler, in Columbia MD. I’ve done this race now three years in a row. Back in 2008, I had a banner day, shattering my PR at the time. Since then the results have not been quite so stellar. It’s a tough course and a very competitive field so if you don’t have your “A” game you’re going to take a whipping.

Last weekend I didn’t have my best race in me at all, and it’s no surprise really.  I decided to train through the event this year, and even ran 14 miles with Team in Training the day before. Suffice to say, I was anything but fresh for this year’s club challenge.  I got out to a surprisingly fast start, one that would have positioned me for a great race on a better day, but I could tell right away that my legs were way too fatigued to continue at that type of pace. So I started to dial it back and by Mile 4 I had resolved to just take this as a marathon pace training run and save myself for another day. All that said I still ran solidly, albeit slower, finishing in 71:11, and 7:08/mile pace that falls right about where I’d like my pace at Boston to be. So I was pleased with the result.

Since Sunday, I’ve taken a step-back week of sorts to recover from all that running last weekend. I had a lot of soreness to work out. But by yesterday I was ready for some Yasso 800s and I knocked them out at about 3:06 apiece. That’s yet another great sign that I’m ready for Boston.

Next up, this weekend I will toe the line for the Burke Lake 12k, a DC Roadrunners Club race right near my house, on the lake trail that I often run during the spring and summer. I’ve really missed running at the lake during this harsh winter and I can’t wait to get there on Sunday morning. I hope to air it out; if I do, a new 12k PR should happen even though this is a trail race. This will also be my last tuneup for the National Half Marathon (which is itself a tuneup for Boston).

Ah, I love running, but I really love racing. Let’s get it on! 8)


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