Striding Through

Because a life well lived always finds the right pace

World Series aftermath

It’s been a couple of days since Game 6, and I’ve had time to digest the results. In fact cleanup from the Yankees’ victory parade should be all done by now.

In short the defending champion Phillies were overwhelmed by a team on a mission. From the front office to the players there is no question everyone on the Yankees was focused on doing exactly what it took to win it all.  And they did.  That’s not to say the Phillies weren’t similarly focused, but when a franchise like the Yankees throws its full organizational might behind the effort, and gets the requisite good luck along the way, it’s going to be hard to stop. The Phillies, to their credit gave the Yanks a hell of a battle in the best World Series in several years.

In any case, congratulations to them from this Phillies phan. As for my team, there’s no reason a return to the World Series and return of the trophy to Philadelphia can’t happen next year. They do need to make some moves, however. The Dodgers, Cardinals, Rockies, Braves and I suspect a resurgent Mets will all want a crack at the Phils and will be making moves of their own intended to knock them off. The Phils’ bullpen clearly needs some help, and the bench started looking a little thin this season as well. In particular they need a potent righthanded bat off the bench. None of those are what you would call “major” signings or trades, however. That conceivably leaves some money for starting pitching. I don’t think the Phillies will tender a new offer to Pedro Martinez, but I admittedly could be wrong about that.  The bottom line, I think, is the Phillies will be back, with a slightly different look, but the same high hopes.


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