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Northern Virginia’s Own? Maybe not so much

Is anyone else as irritated as I am seeing these McDonnell campaigns signs in the median strips of Fairfax, proclaiming the GOP candidate as being “Northern Virginia’s Own?” OK, so the guy did live in Fairfax County — thirty five years ago. Back then Fairfax was a semi-rural place, not the massive suburban DC edge city that it largely is today. Back in those days, his values, which no doubt formed the basis for his notorious master’s thesis later in life, may even have fit in around here. But not so anymore; NoVA has been blue for years and it’s getting moreso each election cycle.

That’s probably why I really liked today’s column from the Washington Post’s Robert McCartney.

After 1973, McDonnell took himself and his far-right beliefs to elsewhere in the state where presumably they found a comfortable home, and afforded him a political career whose success was based in no small part on opposing Northern Viriginia’s needs.  But now he is rediscovering his Northern Virginia “roots” and (for NoVA audiences only), repackaging himself as a moderate because he needs the region in order to be governor.  He must be hoping voters up here either have amnesia or are simply not paying attention.


One response to “Northern Virginia’s Own? Maybe not so much

  1. lbligh October 9, 2009 at 11:51 am

    I must add that if you were born in Philadelphia, attended private high school, and haven’t lived in Northern Virginia since you left for college, you are NOT “Northern Virginia’s Own.” Although there was a Confederate regiment, the 17th Virginia Infantry Regiment, with that nickname. Might be a bad idea to use that phrase.

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