Striding Through

Because a life well lived always finds the right pace

Getting back in stride, maybe

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, about 12 days. Since then I’ve been to Miami and back and then last night it was time for the U2 concert at FedEx Field. It was quite a show; my last time seeing them was in 1992 during the Zoo TV Tour in Philadelphia. I’ve always remembered that one as an absolutely epic concert, and it still stands in my memory that way. For me that night in ’92 is just hard to beat. So rather than compare the two, I’m just going to say last night was a great concert on its own merits.

As with all U2 shows, it was as much about the imagery and at times the message, as it was about the music. As one might expect, Bono had lots of nice things to say about his Democratic friends, but he also handed out kudos to Republicans like Josh Bolten and (gasp!) George W. Bush. In some ways it seemed like he was trying to remind us all in this time of great domestic political discord and poisonous rhetoric, that we are so much stronger when we work together through our differences.

Highlights – for me, they were Elevation, New Year’s Day, Unforgettable Fire, Mofo, City of Blinding Light, Vertigo, Sunday Bloody Sunday and One.

The songs I didn’t hear but wish I did – Pride, Angel of Harlem. Oh well, next tour, I guess.

Worst part of the night – trying to get home. The walk from the stadium and metro ride to fetch my car from Vienna took about 3 hours. I’m looking forward to catching  up on sleep tonight.


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